Remote Controls Original and Copy - take your pick

One of the parts that we are asked for most often is the remote control.

We supply
Remote controls for all of the major manufacturers who have produced consumer products for Europe in the last 40 years. Our Originals are just that - as supplied by the Set Maker.

The Original is always the best option because it is designed by the manufacturer of your TV, DVD etc, however, your equipment may be getting on in years so you might choose one of our Copy remote controls. If so your control will come from the  premier manufacturersof replacements in the world
- Classic.

Simply select your Manufacturer and you will then be offered all of the models that we have listed. Choose your model and If we can offer Original and Copy they will both be shown to you.

Example Manufacturer YAMAHA Remote Controls, then choose your MODEL of Yamaha Remote Controls from the drop down list.
Here are some of the YAMAHA models that we list:-

Yamaha WS19340, Yamaha MCRX14,Yamaha WS19341, Yamaha CRX040, Yamaha MCR140, Yamaha RXV365, Yamaha WN46680EU, Yamaha RXV363, Yamaha RAV34, Yamaha RAV28, Yamaha WJ40970EU, Yamaha RXV361,Yamaha RAV22, Yamaha WG70720, Yamaha RXV359, Yamaha AV25, Yamaha HTIB105, Yamaha HTR5630RDS, Yamaha HTR5730, Yamaha NXAV57, Yamaha RXV340RDS, Yamaha RXV350, Yamaha RXV357, Yamaha RXV357RDS, Yamaha WA61770, Yamaha DCDF107, Yamaha DF107DAB, Yamaha DM38, Yamaha DM38DAB, Yamaha DRAF107DAB, Yamaha RC1127, Yamaha RCDM38, Yamaha RCDM38DAB

Or another example DENON Remote Controls, then choose your MODEL of Denon  Here are some of the Denon Remote Controls that we list:-

DENON Remote Controls Denon DCDF107,  Denon DF107DAB, Denon DM38, Denon DM38DAB, Denon DRAF107DAB, Denon RC1127, Denon RCDM38, Denon RCDM38DAB

If your model is not listed just drop us a line and we will get it for you.

We also distribute Sky Remote Controls  Sky Plus Remote Controls  Sky Navigator Remote Controls all Original

Quick Remote Finder

Finding your remote could not be simpler, with our quick ans easy 2 step proccess...
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